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Our Geographic Information System (GIS) is a powerful tool that supports our asset integrity management approach. It enables pipeline related datasets to be captured, displayed and analysed against spatial backgrounds such as satellite images, orthophotography, topographical and other online basemaps.

Pipeline data from a range of inspection and survey activities such as intelligent pigging, cathodic protection monitoring, pipeline coating surveys, direct assessment, easement activity monitoring etc. can be over-laid and analysed to support effective risk assessment and prioritisation of on-going maintenance plans or remedial works.

Our GIS services provide asset owners and operators with the capability to store, manage and efficiently access large amounts of asset related data to support the safe and efficient management of all assets over their lifetime. Once the pipeline data has been captured in the GIS the client can utilise web based viewing software and applications to access their pipeline data from any smart device or computer and carry out their own review and analyses as required.

Access to Datasets through Online Maps & Viewers

Live Operations Dashboard Data Display

Field Data Capture & Management

Alignment Sheet Generation

Radiation Contours

Liquid Spill Analysis

Easement Data Management (Permit, Surveillance, Incident)

GPS Surveys

Urban Encroachment/Class Location Analysis

Safety Management Study Data Review Incorporating Third Party Datasets

Emergency Response Support / Emergency Services Data Support

Cathodic Protection Data Review and Mapping

Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) Data Review and Mapping

In-line Inspection (Pigging) Data Alignment and Review

Pipeline System Schematic Generation

Drawing/Document/Report Management and Access via Online GIS

Computer Aided Draughting Services (AutoCAD)

GIS Services