Our main disciplines include Pipeline Integrity Engineering, Easement Management, Critical Contingency Operator (CCO) & GIS Services.

Easement Management

Core Group provides a broad range of pipeline easement management services. We provide to our clients anything from a full suite of services integrated between our Field, Engineering and GIS teams to individual services on an as required basis. Our experienced and competent team ensures the efficient completion of work from initial investigation and analysis through to high quality reporting so that informed decisions can be made on the ongoing maintenance and integrity of client assets. Our field technicians are qualified to MITO 1575.

Easement Services Include:

  • Pipeline Easement Surveillance
  • Easement Signage and Maintenance
  • Permitting & Supervision of Adjacent Works
  • Erosion Monitoring and Control
  • Land Owner Liaison
  • Easement Vegetation Management
  • Pipeline Safety Awareness
  • Cathodic Protection Monitoring
  • DCVG Surveys
  • Facilities Equipment Maintenance
  • Construction Supervision
  • Pipeline Repair, refurbishment & coating
  • Operational/Cleaning Pigging
  • Intelligent Pigging
  • Emergency Response

Areas currently monitored by our easement management team:

Pipeline Integrity Engineering

At Core Group we believe that effective Integrity Management begins with understanding Asset Owners’ needs and implementing measures that ensure regulatory and code compliance throughout the assets entire life cycle. Our Pipeline Integrity Engineering department work in conjunction with the Easement Management and GIS Teams to provide integrated solutions that become the foundation on which operation and maintenance works are prioritised, planned and executed.

With extensive experience in pipeline construction and operation we offer a full suite of services to ensure the safe and legally compliant operation of our client’s assets.


  • Development of Pipeline Management Systems
  • Pipeline Integrity Management Plans
  • Safety Management Studies
  • Onshore Pipeline Remaining Life Studies (AS2885)
  • Offshore Life Extension Studies (NORSOK Y-002) 
  • Fracture Control Plans
  • Pipeline Defect Assessment
  • In-Line Inspection Run Selection, Management and Analysis
  • Pipeline Repair Strategies and Specifications
  • Regulatory/Inspection Body Liaison and Technical Advice
  • Pipeline FEED and Detailed Design
  • Pipeline Stress Analysis
  • Pipeline Construction Specifications
  • Pipeline System Audits
  • Emergency Response Plans and Exercises
  • Pipeline Surveillance Reviews
  • Pipeline Isolations Plans
  • Change of Service Reviews
  • Corrosion Management Plans
  • Commission and Abandonment Plans
  • Hydrostatic Test Plans


GIS Services

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) is a powerful tool that supports our asset integrity management approach. It enables pipeline related datasets to be captured, displayed and analysed against spatial backgrounds such as satellite images, orthophotography, topographical and other online basemaps.


Pipeline data from a range of inspection and survey activities such as intelligent pigging, cathodic protection monitoring, pipeline coating surveys, direct assessment, easement activity monitoring etc. can be over-laid and analysed to support effective risk assessment and prioritisation of on-going maintenance plans or remedial works.

Our GIS services provide asset owners and operators with the capability to store, manage and efficiently access large amounts of asset related data to support the safe and efficient management of all assets over their lifetime. Once the pipeline data has been captured in the GIS the client can utilise web-based viewing software and applications to access their pipeline data from any smart device or computer and carry out their own review and analyses as required.


  • Access to Datasets through Online Maps & Viewers
  • Live Operations Dashboard Data Display
  • Field Data Capture & Management
  • Alignment Sheet Generation
  • Radiation Contours
  • Liquid Spill Analysis
  • Easement Data Management (Permit, Surveillance, Incident)
  • GPS Surveys
  • Urban Encroachment/Class Location Analysis
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  • Safety Management Study Data Review Incorporating Third Party Datasets
  • Emergency Response Support / Emergency Services Data Support
  • Cathodic Protection Data Review and Mapping
  • Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) Data Review and Mapping
  • In-line Inspection (Pigging) Data Alignment and Review
  • Pipeline System Schematic Generation
  • Drawing/Document/Report Management and Access via Online GIS
  • CCO (Critical Contingency Operator)

    The Gas Industry Company (GIC) administers the Gas Governance (Critical Contingency Management Regulations 2008) Regulations. The purpose of the Regulations is to achieve the effective management of critical gas outages and other security of supply contingencies without compromising long-term security of supply.

    The Regulations achieve this principally through the appointment of a Critical Contingency Operator (CCO) which has a range of powers, particularly to curtail gas consumption during critical contingencies. Core Group was appointed as the CCO, effective from 1 March 2014.

    The role of the Critical Contingency Operator includes:

    • Determine and declare the onset of a Critical Contingency
    • Call for load curtailment as required to balance the system
    • Continuously monitor the supply / demand balance and adjust load curtailment directions as necessary and determine when it is safe to terminate a Critical Contingency
    See the official CCO Website for more information on the CCO.