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Taranaki Steelformers Around the Mountain Relay 2016

5 November, 2016

Taranaki Steelformers

Core Group celebrated a fantastic day, and took home the winning trophy for the Composite Business House challenge in the Taranaki Steelformers Around the Mountain Relay. A great day was had by all, with an outstanding effort from the whole team, finishing an impressive half hour earlier than last year to take out the win.

WestSide Corporation Easement Management Contract

1 November, 2016


Core Group has continued Easement Management and Metering services for the RKM Pipeline Assets sold by Origin to WestSide. The takeover date was 1st November 2016 and we look forward to building a strong relationship with WestSide.

Electra Generation Easement Management Contract

1 June, 2016


Core Group has continued Easement Management services on the Papakura Pipeline for Electra Generation who have purchased this asset from Greymouth Petroleum. Services commenced from 1st April 2016. Whilst owning and operating a high pressure gas pipeline is a new venture for Electra, Core Group has been instrumental in maintaining Easement Management services and certification. 

Origin Energy and Todd Energy Easement Management Contract Win

1 March, 2016

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Core Group has been awarded long term maintenance contracts for Easement Management and Metering Services for both Todd Energy and Origin Energy. Todd Energy has been producing from the McKee and Mangahewa fields for decades. The Origin contract covers both the Rimu/Kauri/Manutahi assets as well as the Kupe and Port assets. Both companies have been in the NZ Oil & Gas industry for many years and we are excited to be aligned with these companies for the future.