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Core Group has built and continues to build a strong reputation for the delivery of safe, efficient and cost effective solutions to the Oil, Gas & Pipeline Industries across a broad client base. We strive to provide our clients with the solutions they require to the highest quality, on time and within budget.


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"We know we can call on them anytime and they will provide us with all the required information and more. We also know they will get the job done on time."

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Motunui Metering Station Campaign Maintenance

In 2010 Core Group completed the turnkey Campaign Maintenance of the Motunui Metering Station adjacent to the main Methanex Motunui Processing Plant. As with Faull Road the scope involved restoration and preventative and corrective remedial maintenance activities including painting for corrosion control, repair or replacement of end of life equipment to all Methanex owned plant (pipelines, buildings and plant) contained within the compound.

Motunui Metering Station Campaign Maintenance

DCVG Surveys & Verification Excavations

A DCVG survey of a client’s pipelines was performed as part of their Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) control activities. The technician was able to locate faults in the pipeline coating by interrupting the Cathodic Protection and traversing the pipeline with the DCVG probes. Locations are then measured and data logged using GPS for reference on GIS maps. A number of features were then excavated and repaired. The features proved to be splits in the Yellow Jacket coating. Underlying corrosion was measured and defect assessments completed by Core Group Engineers to ensure the pipeline was fit for service.

DCVG Surveys & Verification Excavations

Faull Road Mixing Station Campaign Maintenance

As part of an extensive campaign of maintenance of its Taranaki offsite assets, Methanex commissioned Core Group to put together a turnkey package to completely refurbish its assets at Faull Road.

The remit required:

→ Corrosion inspection, visual and NDE of all pressure equipment

→ Confirming valve functionality

→ Removing redundant equipment

→ Replacement of badly corroded valves and pipework

→ Major revamp of control building

→ Demolition of transmitter building

→ Overhaul and re-commissioning of a metering run

→ Blast (where necessary) and repaint pressure equipment

→ Civil and ground works to bring the Methanex part of site up to “as new” appearance

Faull Road Mixing Station Campaign Maintenance

In-Line Inspection (ILI)

Core Group manage pigging operations for clients from the contract/tendering process through to execution and field support.

Core Group typically carry out the following tasks in their project management role:

→ Contractor liaison

→ Schedule development and management

→ Risk assessment work shops

→ Ongoing review of risk assessments

→ Resource scheduling

→ Work instruction preparation

→ Assistance in the field on various pigging operations

→ Arranging for surveying of above ground marker locations required for mapping survey

→ Collating all reporting

→ Coordinate verification excavations

→ Complete close out report to Client

In-Line Inspection (ILI)

In-Line Inspection Feature Excavation

Excavations were completed in order to investigate features reported from in-line inspection of a client’s pipelines. These pipelines ran alongside a main road so the trench required shoring for stability. We removed the damaged Coal Tar Enamel Coating (Asbestos) and identified areas of severe corrosion. Defect assessments were completed and the defects repaired by installing Clock Springs, which is a cold work repair. The pipeline has been able to continue to operate using the original Maximum Allowed Operating Pressure (MAOP).

In-Line Inspection Feature Excavation